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*Due to COVID-19 our seminars and events have been either cancelled or postponed. Once we have new classes available, they will be added to our calendar. 

Watch for future online classes on your favorite topics. 



At Planning for Senior Life our members are passionate about education. We believe a well-informed senior is empowered to make confident decisions and that is why we offer educational seminars to address a wide spectrum of topics for the older adult community. 

Please check our event calendar to see the upcoming seminars and panels. 


If you are interested in offering education to your organization, we tailor each seminar or workshop to the unique needs of your group. We would be happy to meet with you to design a custom program for your group’s specific interests and educational goals.

Planning for Senior Life Member Seminars


Transitions in Dementia- Moving into Dementia Care
How to Mitigate the Risks For You and Loved Ones During a Hospital Stay
Learn about the 4 parts to Medicare and the key enrollment dates
Discovering Dementia - Basic Concepts of the 
4 main types of dementia


Getting ready to downsize
Senior Living Options- Home Care vs. Community
Aging In Place 101 - A Primer
Aging in place - How to prepare for the transition
Talks related to design for: Aging in Place, and Those with Alzheimer's or Dementia


What If and What does Medicare Cover
The Benefits of Long Term Care Insurance
Five Strategies for Managing Your Parent's Finances


Legal Issues Facing the Aging Population
What Documents Do I Need To Be Prepared?
Execution of Wills and Other Legal Documents


Good/Better/Best: Options for Keeping Your Family History Safe
Pictures This: What to do with all those photographs?
Amazon Echo - Helping Seniors in Many Ways
Hoarding - What is it and How can you help
Paper, Paper, Paper!  Memories on Paper: What to Keep and How
Digital Photographs: Keeping/Naming/Sharing